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We thought it would be useful for our customers to highlight the benefits of our best-selling Bullamatardi Tonic.

Our tonic offers a natural alternative to prescription drugs for improving men's sexual health. We use nature's own ingredients such as Maca, Dita Bark, Catuaba and Muira Puama to aid in the enhancement of sperm production, increased libido and prolonging erections.   

Women can also enjoy a boost of their libido from regular use of Bullamatardi Tonic.

The carefully chosen herbs in our tonic have anti-ulcerogenic qualities to protect the body from the formation of ulcers; anti-microbial abilities to assist the body in fighting infections caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses; and can aid in achieving healthy blood sugar levels. 

We recommend one shot twice a day to experience the maximum effect of the Breaker of Rocks.