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Our BLACK SEED BITTERS with MORINGA in both the liquid and capsule form has a new look, and it's the same original, amazing product.

 Here are some of the details to look for in our new packaging:

  • The Gye Nyame logo at the center of our labels is printed in metallic gold.
  • There is a varnish overlay of our seed pattern that only appears with reflected light.
  • All our bottle caps are fitted with a plastic security seal that is imprinted with our logo.  The seal is black on our glass 16 oz and 32 oz bottles and it is white on the white plastic capsule bottles.
  • For shipping purposes we make a 16 oz BLACK SEED BITTERS with MORINGA that comes in a plastic bottle - this one has a white bottle cap that does not have a plastic security seal (all of our glass bottles will always has a plastic seal printed with our logo).
  • A "BEST BY" date is printed directly above the bar code.  This date will never be longer than 18 months from the time it is purchased.  Do not purchase the product if no date appears there or the date has passed.   

If for any reason you believe you have purchased a counterfeit (fake) Gye Nyame product or you see one for sale, please send us a picture by text at (718) 443-1548 or email us at info@gyenyameholistics.com and we will confirm its authenticity for you.   Feel free to call us anytime with your questions (718) 443-1548.